Autodesk Asset Locator

Autodesk Asset Locator 10.0

Autodesk Asset Locatoris an updated version of Autodesk Product Manager
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Autodesk® Asset Locator (AAL) is an updated version of Autodesk Product Manager. AAL searches a network and reports information about each Autodesk product installed, including programs, service packs, extensions, and object enablers. You can save the results of the search in a file for use in a spreadsheet or database application.
You use a search definition to specify the Autodesk products to look for and the computers to search. You can create as many search definitions as you need and save them to be run later.

The products to search for are listed in groups, and you can select one or more groups or all groups. A list of all products that Autodesk Asset Locator can search for is available on the Help menu, or when you create a new search.
When you create a search definition, you specify the computers to be searched.
You can select a network name or a domain name, or you can select individual computers. You can also add a computer to the search definition by name.
Autodesk Asset Locator works by searching the registry of each computer.

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